Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.
— Trungpa Rinpoche (via lazyyogi)

I have had some phenomenal experiences and met some life-changing people, and I really recommend traveling. I really recommend adventure and taking a (calculated) risk, and meeting new people! I just cannot stress how liberating it is, and how close you come to finding yourself and feeling so goddamn ALIVE.

My brain most of the time since arriving in USA (it’s been 2 months) :

"God bless America"

Damnit I can’t sleep. I’m so happy.

I need to wake up early for this Grand Canyon tour, but this damn Vegas heat requires all night air-con, loud at that! And I am too damn excited about some recent events and just beaming with love and joy! Lol! Agh!

I slept much better on a cramped bus! x)

Haha.. Oh wow lol

It’s not until I meet people that make me laugh and feel good that I realize I was spending unnecessary energy and effort trying to be happy with people who just aren’t on the same level! Lol! It’s as simple as being around supportive people!

Oh my GAWD what a breath of fresh air. My heart feels so good. All I can do is laugh.. I really needed to remove that drama and move on, you know ;P

Man it’s good to laugh and be free with loving people

Cirque du Soleil - Le Rêve

A phenomenal, powerful, dreamy, emotional show!

The opening scene of the shaman summoning the fire and rain, coupled with the enigmatic vocal music, made me feel so alive I shed tears. The rain fell on my face and I grinned into it, embracing all of the sensations into my being!

Oh and I caught a rose at the end of the show! :3 it’s real! Smells so good.

Love travels softly, embracing and opening the channels to each other. My heart feels so warm. Happy sigh.

America update: California!

I’ve been absent a while because I’ve been having way too much fun!

So far my travel buddy and I have been to: San Francisco; sights including a gay bar drag night, an improv play, Muir woods, golden gate, the harbour area, downtown markets. Also most notably an amazing hostel called the Green Tortoise. We also tried couch surfing for the first time!

And most recently we took a 3-day bus tour to Yosemite National Park! It was such an amazing experience and It’ll always have a fond place in my heart. I’ll miss my bus family! We had too much camping/ hiking fun! Sleeping on mattresses in the bus was quite fun too!

We saw the famous giant Sequoias, hiked up near Half Dome, swam in a glacial melt lake as well as a salt lake. Spent plenty of time being festive and merry around the campfires. Slept out under the stars. Made delicious vegetarian camp meals. Finished with a wild karaoke night. What a blast!