I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing – a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.
— R. Buckminster Fuller (via liberatingreality)

So my dream brain just told me this:

"Don’t disconnect your understanding of what life may start"

So cryptic. Der?

Become open, fearless and wise through continued observation. Know the unmapped pathways to the ever-free life. Remain as the silent awareness and the unseen will appear like a good housekeeper who comes and sweeps your house clean. This is grace serving grace.
— Mooji - Before I Am (via iam-youis)
There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.
— (via alteringminds)

(Source: zentaku)

When you say to a woman or a man, ‘I love you,’ you are simply saying, ‘I cannot be deceived by your body, I have seen you, the bodiless you. I have seen your inner most core, the core that is Divine.’
— Osho – Love, freedom, aloneness (via iam-youis)
Do everything with a mind that lets go. Don’t accept praise or gain or anything else. If you let go a little you a will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.
— Ajahn Chah (via thecalminside)

I’ve been so conflicted lately, holy shit.

Yet, I feel tremendous inspiration.

I just want to be raw, real and selfless with people. Honest, emotional, vulnerable and ALIVE!

Pretending has made me suffer and made me selfish in trying to maintain an image. What for? To protect my relations. Out of fear? How absurd.

I am alone, but also not so. Because aloneness means self liberation from the tangles and illusions of separateness. I am not alone if I am happy wherever I go and whoever I meet. Happy for being in control and being accountable for my choices.

Alone means doing what you want. Being firm and clear in your intentions. And setting the stage for what you do and don’t want to appear in your life. Not out of spite for the bad, or dependence on the good - you are just free from both affecting you adversely.

Freedom of a balance within oneself.

Tahoe National Forest. My first proper solo drive in ‘murica with only a faint clue as to where I was going. It was simple, yet great!