The beauty of collaboration between older and younger generations is that we combine strength with wisdom—a surefire way to accomplish more for the glory of God.
— Brett Harris (via psych-quotes)

I feel like doing a regression but I don’t know if I’ll find something that will be too much to handle. I sense that my curiosity is best kept on a leash for me to carry out my tasks in this life effectively. I think DMT has such a similar potent effect to unlock the history of the soul. Is it something best left alone? Do I want to know the secrets? Should I discover it myself in my own way with the freedom and happiness I have? I may lose myself to depression or insanity if I do this, who knows. Or is that just the fear of losing my attachment to this life, this body?

I’ve had events and thoughts that have made me think about whether I’m not supposed to get close to people, romantically and generally. Is there a soul block there. I don’t know. I feel like I’m not meant to reproduce and have a normal life. I mean I could, but something deeper is telling me that’s only 50% fulfilling. Being of service to mankind is possibly the apex of my purpose and fulfillment.

Today is one of those “I feel like I can see outside of the matrix” days. The city feels weird today, observing people feels weird today, observing myself amongst all this feels weird. I’ve always been this way from a very young age, intuitively distanced and observant. I understand things in feeling so I feel different. I want to talk to someone about this. Something’s urging me to find whatever this is that I’m puzzled about, the answers almost there..

Hmm. I’m just having stupid thoughts. I’m free to do as I choose! Humans are free! Love is free! Whatever happens, happens! Love to liberate and joy to enrich each moment!

some interlucid thoughts

> Naked grooving to music is the best, I love home alone time. Running out of incense and candles. (This music) There is some great music out there that I’m still discovering through bandcamp and soundcloud.

< I feel like I’ve made myself less energetically available to sporadic energies. I know what energy I’d like to generate and explore, and I’m focused. Grounded and immersed in trance-like self-discovery. I feel the impact of concentrating on my own intuitions/thoughts versus how the energy of creation slows down when I spend time with others, or with the ideas of others. The inner world accelerates rapidly when patiently focusing on self creation.

> I’ve been in my metaphysical zone, diving into the world of the enigmatic. Gained reading momentum again. Reading 10+ books at once, and reading intuitively, so allowing myself to feel ‘bored’ and for my intuition to signal ‘interest’ towards what information seems to resonate with me. (That is, I wont force myself to finish a book or I’ll drain my thought energy. I have to be receptive to fully integrate information. So it is healthy to put a book down without the obligation to finish it, even though you may go back to it anyway). The results of trusting that silent voice to pick up that seemingly random book have been interesting, because they’ve lead me to open pages to current and very relevant thought processes.

< Random observation; thinking about evolution lately and the history of the human genome. Studying the cro-magnon, neanderthal and other human types from this particular book (The mysterious origins of hybrid man). Some interesting new ideas and proof that challenge the linearity of human evolution. Human types co-existing and mingling rather than stemming from one another. Pygmy and giant skeletons unearthed around the world, suggesting more human intermingling. Cultural evidence of great flood and arrival of caucasian civilizations in boats on the shores of countries along the pacific ocean, before the age of european caucasians. Suggesting evidence of people from the sunken continent of ‘mu’.

> Also reading about a mans experience as a telekinetic/ telepathic soldier, trained on Mars to protect Earthlings from harmful beings. The content is interesting, but so is the regression and biofeedback mechanism used to uncover this clients information. The device measures electromagnetic resistance given off by humans. The human resistance can be as little as 5000 ohms, or 10000000 ohms (I didn’t know our energetic fields can be so powerful depending on our thoughts). Apparently, happy carefree states carry less electromagnetic resistance, as a drop in resistance indicates a realization in truth (dropping barriers). Higher resistance can feel ‘heavier’ and can be caused by hiding the truth, repressed memory, drugs, tiredness or pain in the body.

I do ponder the effects of my various states of emotion and the electric charge they carry. Do I sometimes feel others states? Do other people subliminally react to my charge?

Be of service. Be a sensible person. Use your words and don’t be nervous. You can do this. You’ve got purpose. Find your medicine and use it.
— Nahko, Medicine for the People (via wassupmyhippy)

(Source: dictionariesarerad)

Consciousness is a gravitational, collective intelligence, that seeks to unify all energy in the universe.