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Thank you anonymous friend! I’m taking a shower to remedy the loopiness, seems I just need rest I think. Good day! :)

A society that no longer recognizes that nature and human life have a sacred dimension, an intrinsic value beyond monetary value, commits collective suicide. Such societies cannibalize themselves until they die. This is what we are undergoing.
 Chris Hedges, Standing On The Cusp Of One Of Humanity’s Most Dangerous Moments  (via naked-spirit)


Survey is here.

The time has come that I ask you all a favor. I have been assigned a project for my Statistics course that asks us to survey a group from a pre-defined population of interest.

I decided to do my project about the yoga and meditation habits of my readership on tumblr, as I can generally assume you all have an interest in spirituality. 

I need to collect survey data from at least 50 people, but I’m hoping we can do a lot better than that. Help me get an A!

The survey is 14 questions and very brief. Anyone who participates is truly doing me a solid favor and it is most appreciated. 


Melting, collapsing, dissolving, harmonizing with all.

Paradox. Is the person that mostly uses pop culture references hiding behind a mask, or is it me that is strange for not feeling comfortable connecting that way, and mostly being capable of open, emotional connection, also hiding from people who don’t show me any open feeling.