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Made some more arts. I used some Prismacolors for this. It’s a wonderful medium.

Lotus energy - feminine. Digital.

I created this with a very loving vibe. She is part 1, part 2 is masculine energy which I’m also working on. Together, they make up a complementary and whole unit. Much loving emanations to all of you <3

(Source: hybrid-machine)

Goddess. Digital painting dedicated to all the goddesses I’ve met.

The goddess energy is one of merciless compassion. Fearless and forgiving. She loves you no matter what, and her time in hiding is over. Her dance to awakening is unstoppable.

I was mostly listening to this song.

(Source: hybrid-machine)

Progress shot. I started this concept when I was high last night. Soberly working over the details now. A battle in space it seems! There is no wind in space for those sails, the logic in this is false! However, something epic is happening and I haven’t drawn aircraft before (or boats) so WHATEVER :D  Ima experiment!

Holy fucking balls. My art is inked on my friends skin! This is awesome.
She asked me to sketch something to represent a personal transformation in her life, using the imagery of the Shpongle mask, a butterfly and lotus. She customized the image to her preferences (I encourage this of course!) and it looks great! The tattoo artist did a wonderful job!

I created both of these yesterday, experimenting with some new photoshop brushes since for many years I’ve just used the basic preset brushes… Needed to spice things up! Using cloud brushes for the first. And aurora, mountain, stars and rock texture brushes for the second.
1. Movement of Sound
2. Aurora